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These are my beautiful rabbits; Pepper and Shadow. Pepper is 1 year and Shadow is 10 months. You can learn more about them by visiting their own website. For the last year, I thought Pepper was a male rabbit. On March 12, Pepper gave birth to 4 beautiful babies!! Boy was that a shock! That day, Pepper was acting strange, so I picked her up and saw arms coming out. I almost had a heart attack :) At first I thought there were only 3. Almost 30 hours later, while I was on the computer and I heard a noise coming from the vent. I went to check it out and found the forth baby underneath. My heart broke. I felt so bad for the little guy. My idiot ex, who was there at the time, was checking for more around the apartment, since during the birth Pepper kept on moving around. He said there was no more, while I was getting them settled in. I thought there was no way a baby, being separated from his mother for that long right after birth could pull through. I am very happy to say, he was fine. No complications at all. His name is Lucky. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them developed. I love them already and don't think I can give them up, but having 3 pets is so much work, having 7 will be a full time job. The babies are all very different. One is white, black and 2 are grey. They are the so adorable and I am so happy I was there to see them come into the world. Please check back soon for the photos.

To check out the real bunny page, click on the pink bunny.

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